KEIKO  Shinchafestival  2014

Let’s celebrate the arrival of the 2014 Shincha Harvest on Saturday May 31st

10:30              Opening of the Festival
11:00              Japanese Tea Ceremony

Please note that entry is not permitted during the ceremony. However, the tea bar will be open for you.

from 11:30     Tasting of the Shincha 2014 continued until 17:00 Uhr

from 12:00     Tea and Matcha tasting seminars, refreshments from the KEIKO tea bar, exposition and sale of historic and contemporary Matcha bowls, teapots and Japanese scroll paintings      


12:00 - 14:00  Origami and games for small and tall

from 13:00     Eat your tea!

Our event-chef Ulrich Schlichting prepares small goodies with you using green tea leaves and powder (seating is limited)

from 13:30     Taiko-drum Workshop

Taiko trial-class with tutoring by Mr. Werner Domanski from Taiko-group

Hoshi-Daiko (seating is limited)


16:00 - 17:00  „Lebenselixier Grüntee“ (Presentation only in German)

Frau Dr. Sonnenschmidt, die Autorin des Buches "Die Grüntee-Therapie, aus medizinischer, homöopathischer und poetischer Sicht" erzählt aus ihrer reichen Erfahrung, wie umfassend heilsam Grüntee sein kann.

Tours of the company premises 14:00 and 17:00


Guests staying overnight can find a list of hotels in the area here.